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Safety Measures in place
at the The Wallis Arms

As restauranteurs and accommodation providers, and in line with our company values, the health and safety of all those who visit and work at our hotel is our primary concern and priority. We have a designated team to coordinate our Covid-19 re-opening protocols and ongoing safety activities.

The The Wallis Arms  is continues to provide accommodation service to essential workers, and take away service from Thursday to Sunday.

We have implemented the following Covid measures:

  • We are assessing, monitoring and implementing recommendations and best practice from the WHO and HSE.
  • We have provided sanitiser stations throughout the building.
  • We have identified all common touch points and have implemented a thorough sanitisation of these points
  • Our internal communications systems are ensuring an efficient flow of protocols and updates to our team.
  • We have circulated HSE guidelines on personal hygiene and travel arrangements to all.
  • We have implemented full procedures for sanitising guestrooms including all touch points e.g. remote controls, handles, light switches
  • We are committed to providing the additional manpower required to implement best practice procedures
  • We are committed to playing our part in trying to prevent Covid-19 from escalating.
  • We ask that our customers do the same and follow the HSE guidelines regarding personal hygiene and Covid-19.

Check In

Personal details for contact tracing purposes will be required in line with government guidelines.

  • Advance Bookings for Breakfast are also essential. People who have booked first, will get first preference with the time slot.
  • Advance Contactless Payment

During Your Stay


  • Colleagues will wear PPE equipment in line with Government health and the WHO guidelines.
  • Hand sanitisers will be readily available throughout the main hotel and non-visible service areas of the hotel.
  • We will have signage in place to encourage and remind people about regular hand cleaning and social distancing protocols.
  • Contactless payment will be encouraged at all points.
  • Furniture will be rearranged to allow for adequate social distancing.


We have extended our restaurant facilities to allow for extra dining space.  Out door dining facilities will also be available.

Guest numbers are controlled as are the number of guests having breakfast or dinner at any one time.

Advance Bookings for breakfast, lunch  and dinner is essential.

All restaurant tables will be sanitised after each individual sitting. There will be no buffet or bar service in operation. All food & beverage will be served to you directly by our friendly team.

In your room

Government and WHO guidelines for cleaning and sanitising guest rooms will be adhered to. Frequently touched areas will be thoroughly disinfected regularly during your stay. (ie: remote controls, handles, taps etc).

To provide a safe environment for both staff and guests during this Covid-19 crisis, Room attendants will wear the recommended PPE in line with Government guidelines.

  • Bed linen will be handled with extreme care so as to avoid lifting dust. All linen is laundered at a minimum of 70C for at least 25 minutes.
  • Housekeeping will open windows when servicing a room, ensuring adequate ventilation.

Additional Safety Measures our Colleagues are taking

  • Hand sanitiser will be used before entering the premises, throughout the day and again when leaving.
  • Supervisors will monitor the proper use of all PPE and ensure that it is managed in accordance with Government guidelines.
  • Team shifts are staggered to ensure adequate social distancing during break times and will comply with the social distancing rules.
  • Additional training has been provided to all team members and supervisors will continue to monitor strict compliance.
  • All windows will be kept open where possible for good ventilation.
  • High touch-points are disinfected regularly.

This list is not exhaustive and will be updated subject to government guidelines and updates.